She was a rebel. A brilliant scholar. A strong-willed young skeptic who nearly rejected faith in God – a scandalous proposition in her day.

So why did Lottie Moon leave her home and family in Civil War-ravaged Virginia and spend the rest of her life in China as a missionary?

HEART OF A REBEL, a full-length feature film project now in development, tells the story of an independent woman whose encounter with God took her to places few Americans, even today, can imagine. Born into privilege in the old South, Charlotte “Lottie” Moon became one of the first Southern women to earn a master’s degree. Yet she turned down familiar comforts, a potentially brilliant teaching career – and marriage to the man she loved – to follow a greater passion. And she did it almost alone.

Lottie sailed for north China as the last imperial dynasty was beginning to crumble. It was a dangerous place for anyone – especially a single, Western woman – but she left the relatively safe missionary compounds of the cities and moved to the countryside. She fought against hunger, ignorance, lack of education for girls, the foot-binding of women, opium smoking and other evils in China – some age-old, some introduced by Western colonials. What appalled her most, however, was spiritual poverty.

“Here I am working alone in a city of many thousand inhabitants,” she wrote in one of her many letters home. “It is grievous to think of these human souls going down to death without even one opportunity of hearing the name of Jesus. How many can I reach? The needs of these people press upon my soul, and I cannot be silent.”


Nor was she silent – then or now. Lottie Moon’s words, and her life, speak to a new generation of Christians – and many other restless seekers – who are searching for a purpose greater than themselves.

Lottie Moon died at age 72 on a ship bound for home on Christmas Eve 1912 – sick and half-starved after using her dwindling resources to feed the hungry and tend the dying as wartime famine stalked China. Who can relate to her today? Many Americans, particularly young people, have all the material things they want – but it’s not enough. In an aimless era, they crave direction and purpose for their lives. The more challenging the cause, the better. HEART OF A REBEL tells the compelling story of a woman who not only found such a purpose but lived it – and helped change history. Her life speaks powerfully to a generation desperate for meaning and heroic role models.


If you want to be a vital part of telling Lottie Moon’s life story to millions of people, pray for this developing film project. Share our dream with others. Watch our conceptual “trailer.” We have a great story to tell, and we believe it will make a major impact on a new generation that needs to hear it! If you are interested in becoming a part of this project, contact us for more information.


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